Evaluation Kit for Wireless Power and Data Transmission from RRC power solutions

by donpedro

Contactless power transmission through inductive proximity coupling is becoming more and more popular. According to current market forecasts in 2014 over 460 Millionen mobile phones, MP3 players and computers will be contactless and this doesn’t take the multitude of solutions into account in industrial applications, electro-mobility and medical technology.
To get acquainted with the technology inherent in contactless power transmission, RRC power solutions developed an evaluations kit which can be used as a plug-and-play demonstrator, as well as a developer tool for installation in existing environments.The evaluations kit is composed of a power transmitter with a sender coil, a universal power supply with 19VDC output voltage, a receiver module with a receiver coil and various headers and receptacles (for use in a developer environment). The receiver module provides a regulated output voltage of 5V and a maximum of 5W power output. The power transmitter has integrated safety functions such as automatic receiver detection, the continuous reception of status information from the receiver, foreign object detection, as well as monitoring of the input and output voltage.

RRC power solutions

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