Plessey EPIC sensor samples now available

by donpedro

Plessey Semiconductors announced that commercial samples of its award winning Electric Potential Integrated Circuit (EPIC) sensors are now available. The first products are optimised for use as an ECG sensor and provide a resolution as good as or better than conventional electrodes.
The EPIC sensors offer several advantages that save money and speed up taking readings. First, the EPIC sensors are dry contact so that no gels or similar fluids are required to make contact. Second, the sensors can be simply cleaned between uses – unlike conventional ECG sensors that have to be disposed of after every use at a cost of $2 a set. Third, only a pair of sensors are required that are held in each hand which is very quick to do unlike the current approach that requires seven or more leads to be carefully applied to specific locations on the body whilst the patient lies down. This ease of detection even through clothes or at a distance means that new ways of taking ECG measurements are being investigated by customers.

Plessey Semiconductors

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