Evaluate Rugged 3D Interface and Weigh Scale with Maxim’s Smart Force Sensor

by donpedro

PR13_2016_MAXREFDES82image_hires_SDesign engineers can now rapidly evaluate and deploy new human-machine interface (HMI) devices using the MAXREFDES82# smart force sensor reference design from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.
Typical weigh scales provide one dimension of information, downward force. The MAXREFDES82# reference design provides both downward force and center of mass, by collecting responses from four load cells using the MAX11254, a 24-bit, 6-channel analog-to-digital converter (ADC). This unique configuration, enabled by the highly integrated 24-bit ADC, provides second and third dimensions of information about whatever object presses upon it.

Key Advantages

  • Fast: 64ksps provides real time operation
  • Rugged: Interface requires no special glass or material, making it ideal for industrial environments
  • High precision: Accurate measurements of weight and center of mass up to 780g
  • Low power: Less than 50mA consumed during normal operation


Maxim’s smart force sensor reference design is a new concept, operating as both a weigh scale and 3D touch interface in rugged environments,” said David Andeen, Director of Reference Designs at Maxim Integrated. “MAXREFDES82# has a unique combination of a multi-channel, high resolution ADC with integrated programmable gain amplifiers and low power consumption, giving our customers speed and flexibility when designing industrial systems.

Availability and Pricing

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