Ericsson 3E digital voltage-regulators now support 93 PMBus commands to reduce energy consumption

by donpedro

Based on digital-core controllers, the Ericsson 3E* second generation of voltage regulators, the 12A BMR462, the 20A BMR463 and the 40A BMR464, now support 93 PMBus commands, allowing designers to monitor and control energy distribution from system level to board level. The PMBus digital interface enables the end-user to configure many aspects of device operation and to monitor input and output voltages, output current and device temperature. For compatibility, flexibility and versatility, the BMR462, BMR463 and BMR464 can be used with any standard two-wire I2C or SMBus host device. Furthermore, the module is compatible with PMBus version 1.1 and includes a SALERT line to help mitigate bandwidth limitations related to continuous fault monitoring.
It is possible to monitor a wide variety of parameters through the PMBus interface. Fault conditions can be monitored using the SALERT pin, which is asserted when any combination of pre-configured fault or warning conditions occur.


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