Delta Partners with Rapac to Install Ultra-Fast EV Chargers in Israel

by donpedro

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, today announced a partnership with Rapac Communication & Infrastructure Ltd. – a leading corporation based in Israel – to install its 200kW ultra fast electric vehicle (EV) chargers UFC200 series in Israel. Under the terms of the partnership, Delta and Rapac have supplied Delta’s UFC200 chargers to EV-EDGE, operator of the largest EV charging network in Israel, to support a growing number of EV drivers in Israel. Delta’s UFC200 facilitates a 100km driving range with roughly 8 minutes of charging, and is able to provide two DC quick charging (up to 200kW) and two AC charging (2 x 22 kW) output options to enhance the convenience for EV users.

Amir Yerucham, Business Development Manager at Rapac said: “With many more drivers migrating to EVs due to the environmental advantages they offer, we are excited to partner with Delta to offer a high performance, state-of-the-art UFC solution to create a more sustainable future. Delta’s UFCs help to meet EV drivers’ expectations of convenience and mobility as Israel makes the transition from ICE vehicles to EVs. Delta’s proven track record in the power industry and EV charging business made it the ideal partner with whom to create a better future, for drivers and citizens alike.”

Ronen Yablon, CEO at EV-Edge added: “EV-Edge is the largest charging network in Israel. It has the highest quality and most advanced solutions for the world of electric vehicles, from the best manufacturers of charging stations for electric vehicles in the world. By providing our EV drivers with access to the first Delta UFC to be installed in Israel, we are making an important contribution to the evolution of the EV charging infrastructure in Israel.”

Commenting on the deployment, Vincent Lin, senior director of e-Mobility & Smart Energy Solutions business development, Delta EMEA, said: “Delta’s competency in EV charging solutions complements Rapac’s experience in energy. This best-of-breed approach unites our strengths in order to bring the next generation of UFCs to customers in Israel. Through our partnership with Rapac, we are very excited about unlocking the EV potential in this market.”

In line with government mandates banning the future sale of petrol and diesel vehicles, many vehicle manufacturers have announced they will stop production of ICE vehicles in favour of EVs. EV-Edge has taken an early lead in meeting the needs of EV drivers in Israel through its deployment of 4 Delta’s UFC200. Delta’s UFC200 is capable of enabling a 100km driving range with roughly 8 minutes of charging, and is able to provide two DC quick charging (up to 200kW) and two AC charging (2 x 22 kW). This maximises the individual charge rates depending on the vehicle – which reduces vehicle waiting times – while dynamically adjusting to secure grid connection points.

Delta’s solutions have been engineered to easily accommodate future changes such as site expansions, the addition of remote sites or changes in power supply capacity, while minimising energy costs in the event of a future supply upgrade. This provides EV-EDGE with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the solutions supplied via Rapac will be able to address its needs for the future.

Rapac Communication & Infrastructure Ltd is a public company traded at Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 1978. The company focuses on energy areas, including electricity production, electricity projects and the field of charging. The company owns about 1 gigawatt of electricity production in Israel and promotes additional projects. Rapac has a number of subsidiaries, including El-more, which is also traded at Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and specializes in electrical projects and Installations.

EV-Edge founded in 2018, is an Israeli local provider of smart charging solutions for both business and private sectors. EV-Edge holds the most wide spread charging network in Israel, managing more than 500 public connectors and above 3000 users. While winning and installing many public and governmental tenders, EV-Edge is continuing to be the largest charging provider and the most skilled in its field.


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