Bus converters deliver 800 Watts at 95.8% efficiency for telco & networking applications

by donpedro

Murata is introducing the DRQ-8/100-L48xx series of quarter brick, intermediate bus converters (IBC) from Murata Power Solutions, developed specifically for high-reliability infrastructure equipment applications. The DRQ series is designed to deliver 800W at 55°C to address the high power density requirements for high-reliability networking and telecommunications infrastructure equipment.

The fully regulated DRQ-8/100-L48xx bus converters provide 8Vout at 100A, with a Vin range of 36 to 60Vdc. With a regulated output voltage of 8V, improved efficiency of secondary point of load regulators will be achieved, increasing the overall efficiency of the power system. With improved efficiency comes reduced system operating costs, lower temperatures, and improved system reliability. The DRQ-8/100-L48xx series was designed to operate over the full 36-60Vin range in telecommunications applications operating from 48Vdc battery systems or networking equipment that operates at 54Vin. In order to provide industry-leading reliability, the series is designed and tested to meet the industry requirements of IPC-9592 Revision B.

The DRQ-8/100-L48xx DC-DC converter modules are available with many standard features and options including three pin-out configurations for optimal board layout and compatibility with various industry standards, parallel load sharing of up to three modules, pre-bias protection, positive or negative on/off logic options, short circuit protection, over current/voltage and over temperature protection. Ideally suited for intermediate bus converter architectures used in the networking and telecommunications infrastructure equipment market, the DRQ-8/100-L48series is suitable for applications including communications equipment, routers, network security equipment, wireless base station hardware, and computing equipment. It is also suited to other applications that require a highly efficient, 800W IBC that will support a Vin range of 36-60Vdc to power board level electronics.

Safety rated for networking and telecommunications applications, the fully isolated modules provide 1,500 Vdc of I/O isolation with an operational insulation safety rating. The converters’ integrated baseplate design enhances thermal performance and its 95.8% efficiency promotes cooler operation for reliability and longevity. The networking and telecommunications equipment market is set to drive significant growth in the electronics market over the next five years. Accordingly, demand is being driven for higher power DC-DC converters with higher efficiencies and universal input ranges to support multiple bus voltages commonly found in the networking and telecommunications market.

The DRQ-8/100-L48 series’ electrical and mechanical design, with its optional packaging configurations, safety features, efficiency, and high reliability offers an unmatched level of performance and flexibility for the power system architect.


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