Analog Devices at ACHEMA Pulse 2021: Maximising the Power of Ethernet in Process Automation

by donpedro

Analog Devices (ADI) has announced details of its participation in ACHEMA Pulse, the online format adopted by the premier event for the process industries, following deferment of the next physical event to April 2022.

ADI will take full advantage of the interactive format, contributing video demonstrations of key technologies, as well as participating in live streamed talks and panel sessions, including a live roundtable with Industry Leaders.

A key highlight will be the IEEE 802.3cg/10BASE-T1L physical layer products the ADIN1100 PHY and ADIN1110 MAC PHY. ADI is extending its ADI Chronous™ family of Industrial Ethernet solutions enabling robust, long reach Ethernet connectivity over 1.7km of single twisted pair cable. This technology enables the communication of new insights about process variables and asset health to control systems, driving process optimization and increased utilization of field sensors and actuators.

ADI will address both engineering- and management-level considerations with two demonstrations.

“Enable the Digital Transformation with Trusted ADI Solutions” shows how the company’s technologies can accelerate adoption of the latest standards across process installations in many diverse industries.  Next-generation connectivity, precision and efficiency can be realised while building on and optimising existing infrastructure. ADI’s long experience in precision analog design, and in robust connectivity solutions, uniquely equips it to address issues such as isolation, system flexibility, and signal precision for accurate production control.

“Connecting Edge Sensors, Accessing New Insights with 10BASE-T1L”, the complementary video presentation, delves further into ADI’s offering to facilitate adoption of the Ethernet-APL (Advanced Physical Layer) standard that enables long reach, single-pair Ethernet, connectivity that will be key to seamless connectivity from hazardous areas in process plants .

Offering the opportunity to hear an expanded discussion on these same topics, “Tips and Tricks for designing an Ethernet APL Solution” is a 45-minute, live talk/panel session that will be streamed at 12:15pm CEST on June 15. ADI will explore Ethernet-APL technology and some of its use-cases across process automation. To join this talk on enabling seamless long reach connectivity solutions, attendees should register here.

In addition, ADI will host a Customer Round Table at 5:30pm CEST on June 16, entitled “The Connected Future of Process Automation with Ethernet APL”. ADI’s contributing speaker will discuss issues on the critical path to achieving “Digital Transformation”, alongside panel members from industry leaders including ABB and Pepperl+Fuchs. The panel intends to cover how seamless communication across all hierarchy levels, from field instruments to field switches, will contribute to efficiency and productivity gains, and how participants across the ecosystem – including embedded software providers – are working together to maximise the performance of Ethernet-enabled equipment. Registration is also required for this session.

ACHEMA Pulse 2021 takes place online; the platform is open from 31 May to 30 June, 2021 with two days of live sessions on June 15 and 16. Full details are at the organisers’ site.

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