Altus Expands Portfolio with a New Cleaning Multitool System for Electronics Manufacturers

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Altus Group, a leading supplier of capital equipment for the electronics industry in the UK and Ireland, is excited to announce the latest addition to its portfolio, the innovative AQUBE® MV 3 One multitool developed by Kolb Cleaning Technology. The system is specifically designed to provide lower volume productions with multiple cleaning processes, providing a cost-effective alternative to purchasing several machines for each process in PCBA production.

This fully automatic system offers process-safe fine cleaning for screens, stencils, PumpPrints, and other flat products. Moreover, with an optional function package, it is also suitable for PCB assembly cleaning too. The AQUBE® MV 3 One quickly and thoroughly eliminates contaminants such as SMD paste, SMD adhesive, conductive materials, flux, oil, grease, or dust. Its efficient configuration with two tanks and two independent circuits, along with ClosedLoop water treatment, ensures short throughput times, making it the economically perfect choice for smaller quantities of different cleaning materials.

Joe Booth Altus CEO said: “In the electronics industry, the importance of cleaning processes cannot be overstated. Altus understands this critical need and are pleased to add the AQUBE® MV 3 One multitool to the portfolio. This innovative multitool optimises productivity while minimising costs, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to maximise efficiency. With its intelligent design and cutting-edge features, the AQUBE® MV 3 One streamlines the cleaning process for various processes through PCBA production, ensuring the highest level of cleanliness by eliminating contaminants.”

One of the standout features of the AQUBE® MV 3 One is its intelligent connectivity, which allows seamless integration into Industry 4.0 environments. This feature enables networking for traceability, remote control, remote maintenance support, bidirectional machine-to-machine communication, machine-to-product communication, and integration into comprehensive monitoring systems. With its retractable touch screen and integrated industrial PC, the system offers state-of-the-art connectivity for advanced operations.

The Kolb AQUBE® MV 3 One also offers a range of other key features that enhance its performance and versatility. Its two-tank system with two separate circuits ensures efficient cleaning processes, while the fully automated 4 Step process (cleaning, MediumWipe®, rinsing, and CWA® high-performance compressor drying) guarantees optimal results. The system’s vertical rotor system, equipped with ASYNCHRO® spray rotors, ensures thorough wetting without any blind spots. Additionally, the integrated condensate recovery in the process chamber further enhances efficiency.

Designed for optimal productivity, the AQUBE® MV 3 One boasts short cycle times offering the flexibility to use a cleaning/rinsing medium instead of water allowing for water-free operations. It also incorporates an EDGELESS design and VARIccess® maintenance access, providing the highest capacity and easiest maintenance on the smallest footprint. Its robust construction enables it to withstand high temperature cleaning up to 80 °C, expanding its applications to a wider range of industries.

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