Altus Celebrates Sales Success with ASSCON

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Altus Group, a leading supplier of capital equipment for the electronics industry, is pleased to announce notable sales achievements in partnership with ASSCON. Since joining forces in 2021 to bring ASSCON’s vapour phase technology to the UK and Ireland, their collaboration has led to significant market penetration and unprecedented year-over-year growth. Driven by increasing demand across key segments, they have seen record-breaking unit sales in 2023.

Altus’ decision to further enhance their reflow offerings with ASSCON’s market-leading vapour phase technology has proven to be a strategic move. ASSCON’s continuous innovation and commitment to technological advancement have resulted in a surge in demand for their products.

Last year, the UK and Ireland emerged as the top export market for ASSCON globally, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Altus Group team. Sales were predominantly driven by the popularity of ASSCON’s flagship products such as the VP510 and VP800, alongside advanced systems including the VP6000 and the recently introduced inline VP2100-100, which thanks to its space-saving design, can be easily integrated into any assembly line.

The increasing demand for vapour phase technology stems from its ability to deliver exceptional results, particularly in applications requiring very low voiding and accommodating complex board designs with significant component thermal mass variance. This trend has been particularly pronounced in the Contract Electronics Manufacturing (CEM) market, where companies are looking to mitigate risks associated with future proofing for unknowns and voiding.

“It has been a breakthrough year for adopting vapour phase technology,” said Joe Booth, Altus Group CEO. “Considering we only partnered with ASSCON in 2021, with no real expertise in process knowledge but a strong install base, it’s incredible that through dedicated collaboration, we are now their number one global export market. “We see Asscon as long-time industry partners, and we share pride in pioneering this technology locally and bringing its benefits to manufacturers across the UK and Ireland. With the current momentum, we are poised for an even stronger 2024.

Tobias Tuffentsammer, ASSCON Head of Global Sales, added: “Wow, what a year for ASSCON vapour phase sales in the UK and Ireland. We had high hopes given Altus’ strong reputation before partnering, but 2023 really exceeded our expectations. “We are extremely happy with our product portfolio and the investments we have made into R&D including the recently launched VP810 with its new options functionality and the VP2100-100 inline unit which has sold very well. By leveraging Altus’ strong regional presence, our reach has expanded tremendously – allowing so many more manufacturers to benefit from ASSCON systems. This collaboration, enhanced by Altus’ exceptional customer support resources, has proven to be a winning formula.”

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