Altus Announces the Release of a New Digital Brochure for Winter 2020

by donpedro

Altus is pleased to announce the release of a new 2020 product brochure. The latest edition includes details on long-standing pre-eminent suppliers, together with new partnerships all serving the electronics manufacturing industry.

Richard Booth, Altus CEO said: “We have not only welcomed new suppliers to the Altus fold including LPKF Laser & Electronics, but we have updated our product offering to include a wider and more extensive range of highly-advanced equipment from our long-standing partners. Altus has a core product group of outstanding tier one suppliers that continue to make large development efforts. We always ensure that we have the latest technology available for our customers together with an unsurpassable customer service.”

The new product brochure features the latest equipment advancements including Promation’s PANDA Series of inline robotic soldering solutions and Koh Young’s Neptune T, the industry’s first 3D light measurement instrument for transparent materials.

The YJ Link YLM series laser marking solution, and the improved Y series board handling equipment are also new additions to the product offering, together with Quins range of inspection equipment to help electronics’ manufacturers to maintain a high level of quality assurance.

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