ALPS Offers Compact TV Tuners

by donpedro

With the TDA compact series, ALPS ELECTRIC EUROPE GmbH offers compact TV tuners for digital terrestrial and analog broadcast in Europe (TDAG), North America (TDAU) and China (TDAC). The modules have a single casing size with dimensions of 37.3mm x 27.5mm x 11.4mm (W x D x H). They support demodulation systems such as DVB-T/C, ATSC and CTTB.
As input frequency range the tuners cover the European and Chinese UHF/VHF band from 366 to 862MHz and 47 to 366MHz as well as the North American UHF/VHF band from 378 to 864MHz and 54 to 378MHz. All models are remarkable for their input return loss of typical 10dB, image rejection of typical 60dB and their phase noise of typical –90dB/Hz at 10kHz offset. The noise figure amounts to 7dB typical. The modules feature an IF band with 7MHz/8MHz (TDAG), 6MHz (TDAU) and 8MHz (TDAC).

ALPS Electric Co., Ltd.

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