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80% of all machine or installation breakdowns caused by inductive sensors are due to mechanical damage, corrosion, aggressive cleaning agents or ingress of gases and liquids. By using a full-metal inductive sensor, the problems can be solved, provided the housing is made out of one piece of stainless steel, as is the case with the Contrinex series 700 sensors.
Series 700 detects all metals (ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic) at virtually the same distance. It features long operating distances (3*Sn) at high frequencies, which is exceptional for all-metal sensors. In addition, there is no false switching due to metal chips or dust. The patented Condet technology is built into a housing that is manufactured out of a solid piece of stainless steel. As a result, these sensors are mechanically and chemically extremely robust.
These advantages can be used in food-processing machinery, marine applications, metal processing industry and industrial cleaning systems. The series 700 is moreover also available as weld-immune M18 version, making it the obvious choice for particularly tough environments in the automotive industry.
Contrinex offers a full range of all-metal sensors, starting with M8 going all the way up to a M30 in V2A or in food-safe and corrosion-resistant V4A (AISI 316L) for food and saltwater applications.
The new series 700 brochure presents specifications, advantages and application examples, and can be ordered from our sales offices in your country (order number 900 024 002)

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