Compact ultrasonic sensors with extremely short response times

by donpedro

With the especially compact implementation of the versions HRTU 412 and HRTU 420, Leuze electronic extends the range of its switching and measuring ultra­sonic sensors by retro-reflective ultrasonic scanners with extremely short response times.
The new versions distinguish themselves via three different sound lobes with narrow, normal and wide opening angles. The narrow sound lobes in particular permit the detection of the smallest of objects or the detection through the smallest of apertures at short response times of only 10ms.
HRTU 412 sensors are implemented with a cylindrical housing (M12 × 1), HRTU 420 sensors have a cubical housing (20 × 42 × 15mm) instead.
Teach-in on the device makes the deployment of the new sensors convenient. The automatic locking of the teach button protects against erroneous use.
The new versions – such as all other ultrasonic sensors by Leuze electronic – convince through a switching behavior that is largely independent of the surface of the sound-reflecting materials.

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