AC/DC-sensitive sensor for safe charging benvac protects charging infrastructure from fault currents

by donpedro

The number of registrations of electrically powered vehicles is rising continuously and the demand for charging points and wall boxes is booming. The estimated annual growth rates are over 40%, driven by the expansion of public charging infrastructure, especially for DC charging stations. The all-current sensitive differential current sensor benvac of VACUUMSCHMELZE (VAC) ensures reliable residual current monitoring and system shutdown in the event of electrical hazards.

benvac already detects residual currents from 5 mA DC and 20 mA AC according to IEC 62752 and/or UL 2231 standards and is characterized by outstanding measuring accuracy with a resolution of only 0.2 mA. The small and robust sensor is protected against external magnetic fields for use in harsh electrical environments. It is available in various mechanical versions: with through-hole openings or primary conductors in various configurations. In addition to wall boxes and charging stations (charging mode 3), the sensor is also used in the safety shutdown of the IC-CPD (In-cable Control and Protection Device) in charging mode 2.

“We are feeling the boom in electromobility from the sharp rise in worldwide demand for the benvac sensor.” says Benjamin Zeiger, Product Management Energy Conversion & Automation at VAC, “Our broad standard portfolio offers solutions for all applications.”


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