Wound Healing with Plasma

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For Coldplasmatech GmbH’s plasma therapy, Schreiner ProTech has developed a new EIF (Electronics in Film) product.

Be it in the mobility, healthcare or packaging sector: Printed electronics are suitable for a wide range of uses. Compared to conventional, rigid solutions, printed electronics are flat, flexible and lightweight. As a result, they can be optimally adapted to diverse applications. Printed electronics are even utilized in wound healing. For Coldplasmatech GmbH’s plasma therapy, Schreiner ProTech has recently developed a new EIF (Electronics in Film) product that’s an essential component of the company’s PlasmaPatch or CPTpatch.

Following minor injuries such as cuts or lacerations, the skin quickly repairs itself, unlike in the case of chronic and large wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers, which often entail a long and painful healing process and require medical treatment.

In the area of wound healing, Coldplasmatech GmbH offers an innovative therapy option in the form of its patented Active Glow technology. The treatment unit consists of two parts. The CPTpatch is an active dressing to be placed on top of the wound. Due to the additional voltage supply, called the CPTcube, cold plasma is produced inside the CPTpatch, resulting in fast, effective and painless wound treatment.

Printed electronics are a prerequisite for the application of the product, so Coldplasmatech GmbH was looking for a suitable partner for product development and mass production of its CPTpatch. The specifications were clear: The project called for a flexible conductor structure for the wound dressing. The application had to withstand several thousand volts without causing electric shock. Another important requirement was high printing and die cutting precision, which is contingent upon an optimal material selection adapted to the product’s medical purpose. In addition, reliability of the manufacturing process and flexibility of the electronics were specified.

Schreiner ProTech was selected as the optimum development partner. The PlasmaPatch features a film-based conductor structure consisting of a film composite that produces the cold plasma. The product is tailored precisely to the conditions of the wound dressing. The highly complex composition made up of several functional layers ensures full functionality of the plasma therapy. “With Schreiner ProTech’s PrinTronics competence center, Coldplasmatech GmbH secured the support of a true expert in printed electronics,” says Dr. Carsten Mahrenholz, founder and CEO of Coldplasmatech.

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