Win a Multimedia Expansion Board along with a PIC32 Starter Kit from Microchip

by donpedro

90674-NMC-Comp-DM320005---Multimedia-Expansion-BoardThe Multimedia Expansion Board (MEB) with the PIC32 Starter Kit provides users with an integrated-yet flexible-solution for the development of high-impact user interfaces. The board comes with a 3.2 color TFT touch-screen QVGA display, an onboard FCC-certified WiFi® module, a 24-bit stereo audio code, a three-axis accelerometer, a joystick and a microSD®™ memory card slot. Simply connect any DM320001, DM320003-2, DM320004, DM330012 and DM240012 Starter Kit to the MEB and you’re ready to develop, program and debug code for the user interface features. Demo software for the MEB can be downloaded from the Microchip Application Library, including software for the joystick, accelerometer, CPLD and more.

The PIC32 Starter Kit provides the easiest and lowest cost method to experience the PIC32 microcontroller for the first time. From the over 35 source code examples to the getting started project, users quickly learn Microchip’s 32-bit family of microcontrollers and development tools. The kit includes everything needed to write, program, debug, and execute code on a high performance PIC32 microcontroller.

For your chance to win a Multimedia Expansion Board along with a PIC32 Starter Kit please visit: and enter your details onto the online entry form.

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