VOC+NOx sensor for indoor air quality applications is now available worldwide

by donpedro

SGP41 VOC+NOx sensor — Source: Sensirion AG

Good air quality is an important component of a healthy indoor environment because indoor air pollution can have harmful impacts on our health. There are many potential and common dangers found in indoor air, such as VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which are typically found in building materials, furniture and cleaning products, among others, and are emitted by humans, and NOx (nitrogen oxides), which are a by-product of combustion. Exposure to these pollutants can be limited by ensuring that enclosed spaces have sufficient ventilation. In addition, air treatment devices are used to eliminate harmful gases in indoor environments and thus avoid unhealthy situations. Equipped with Sensirion’s new SGP41, air purifiers become smart by reliably monitoring VOCs and NOx at all times and removing these gas emissions automatically when the appropriate filters are installed.

The VOC+NOx sensor offers a solution for two complete sensors on a single chip, facilitating design-in and cutting design costs. By relying on Sensirion’s proven MOXSens® Technology, the sensor’s unmatched robustness against contamination by siloxanes results in outstanding long-term stability in terms of sensitivity and response time. The two sensor signals processed by Sensirion’s powerful Gas Index Algorithm can be used directly to automatically trigger the removal of indoor air gas pollutants by air treatment devices without the need for user-device interaction. This sensor solution is thus well-suited to the constant monitoring of VOC and NOx levels, including potentially harmful events that are imperceptible to humans. Furthermore, automatic control of air treatment devices based on the SGP41’s signals helps to save energy by turning them off once the VOC and/or NOx events have been taken care of.

“This sensor platform enables the simultaneous measurement of both volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides, and therefore responds to the growing awareness of the importance of good indoor air quality and the stricter requirements for these applications. With the SGP41, Sensirion aims to further improve indoor air quality and help to protect our health and well-being,” says Dr. Oliver Martin, Product Manager for Gas Sensors at Sensirion.

Both SGP41 and the evaluation kit are available worldwide through Sensirion’s distribution network.
For more information about the SGP41 VOC+NOx sensor, please visit: https://www.sensirion.com/sgp41
Explore the capabilities of the SGP41 with the SEK-SVM4x evaluation kit and visit https://www.sensirion.com/my-sgp-ek


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