Vector E-Mobility Portfolio Supports NACS in Development and Operation

by gabi

Vector products for development and operation of electric vehicles and charging stations are also compatible with NACS Image rights: Vector Informatik GmbH

Vector Informatik now offers full functionality according to the North American Charging Standard (NACS). Many vehicle manufacturers announce to use the North American Charging Standard (NACS) in North America. Vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers, as well as charging station manufacturers, must take the NACS standard into account from the development and test phase through to production and operation. Vector already offers a wide range of products that are compliant with the NACS standard.

The NACS standard is currently being standardized by SAE in SAE J3400. NACS describes the charging socket, connector and communication protocols. AC and DC charging use the same power and communication pins. Communication for AC charging follows SAE J1772, while DC charging uses the DIN SPEC 70121 communication protocol. Plug and Charge (PnC) according to ISO 15118-2 is also possible.

Vector already offers a broad portfolio of charging products complying with global standards according to SAE J1772, SAE J2847/2, ISO 15118-2/-20, IEC 61851, DIN SPEC 70121, CHAdeMO, GB/T 27930. Thus, the following Vector products are immediately NACS compatible without any further updates: the embedded software products MICROSAR.CHARGE and vSECClib, the charge controller family vSECC, as well as the testing tools CANoe.SmartCharging, CANoe Test Package EV, CANoe Test Package EVSE, VH5110A and the VT7870/VT7970/VT7971 modules.

For customers using project-specific Vector e-mobility test systems, an adaption of the physical interfaces to the NACS specifications by Vector is necessary.

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