The Families FH28 and FH40 Impress Because of Innovative Product Features!

by donpedro

Based on the well-established, highly successful FH12 series, MSC Vertriebs GmbH offers the FH28 and FH40 series of the manufacturer Hirose. The two families come in the common pitch of 0.5 mm and convince because of their benefits such as side-catcher, FFC and FPC catch mechanisms with edgewise tabs for easy and accurate insertion and temporary hold function. Both families are fully compatible with the same FFC/FPC. The tactile click during the closing/locking process confirms the correct and consistent connection quality. The connector families feature a considerable improvement in stability and mechanical performance of the flip-lock actuator. FH28, for horizontal application, features an additional dust-cap option while the FH40 supports vertical applications.

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