Ten times better: a liberation blow in switching performance

by donpedro

The technological progress of industrial equipment has become almost dizzyingly fast – and so have the performance demands on the necessary components.

Under these signs, the new Panasonic Industry 1FormA PhotoMOS® relay AQV209G must be considered an undisputed breakthrough in terms of high power semiconductor switching – remarkably outperforming the last generation’s specs by a 10 times higher switching capability.

By combining proven technology with next-gen materials and Galvanic isolation between input and output circuit, the semiconductor, photo-coupled relay achieves an unrivaled output rating of 1,200V at 0.75A. Continuously, with unlimited lifetime, ready for both AC and DC load.

Notwithstanding this performance increase, this latest member of the PhotoMOS® family is still coming in a small standard DIP6-pin housing, feasible by an outstanding low ON resistance of typically 1Ohm.

Based on future-proof technology, the AQV209G type is a truly interesting  substitute for a lot of conventional reed relay applications or as an replacement for mercury containing  types.

Ensuring quiet, fast and bounce free switching, it will be a recommended choice for a wide field of modern industrial applications, testing and measuring equipment, controls or I/O modules.


Panasonic Industry Europe

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