TE Connectivity provides an extensive range of vibration-proof terminal block technologies for transportation

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TE Connectivity (TE) now offers an extensive range of connection technologies for transportation following the acquisition of ABB’s ENTRELEC terminal block business. From the supply and distribution of power to the connection and protection of signals, the ENTRELEC terminal blocks can meet all the harsh railway and marine requirements, such as vibration and shock (IEC61373), temperature variations and corrosive atmospheres (IEC60068), smoke toxicity (EN45545, HL3-R22, NFPA130) and marine-related certifications (BV Marine, DNV, RINA, RMRS).

For the rolling stock application, the robust and pull-out proof HD stud product line is widely used in train coaches and subways all over the world, with a service history of almost 40 years. For controlling and protecting signaling and safety lines, the Fast-on, ADO System and SNK PI-Spring (push-in and spring) terminal blocks provide productivity savings, flexibility, high connection density along with the comfort and reliability of screwless technologies. For passenger and merchant ships and cargos, the D-type power blocks and the SNK Screw / PI-Spring terminal blocks have all passed the damp heat, dry heat and cold tests performed by Bureau Veritas for the IEC60068 standard. The SNK product line is also compliant with the DNV, RINA and RMRS certifications.

“TE also provides added value services to our customers, such as pre-assembled and pre-marked terminal blocks mounted with customized accessories, ready to be installed onsite. These services save time and money because customers do not need to store our components in-house and can request the production on demand,” said Gael Grenat, global product manager for TE’s ENTRELEC products. “Easy Rail Designer is a free configurator that helps customers design their assemblies. The configurator now includes the SNK and Railway specific terminal blocks.”

The SNK PI-Spring product line is the last generation of push-in/spring terminal blocks which can be both installed on trains and boats. It is also suitable for offshore oil and gas infrastructures, as it is certified IEC Ex, ATEX, UL hazardous locations (hazloc), EAC Ex and BR‑Ex.

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