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Every electrical and electronic system needs power, but “power” means different things to different engineers. For the PCB designer, power might mean a 5 Volt power supply delivering a few hundred milliamps. But for the industrial motor designer, power might mean hundreds of amps and hundreds of volts. The engineer needs a wide selection of components that can handle the power, whatever the application. Fortunately, our friends of TE Connectivity have an extensive range of components, from connectors and resistors to filters and heatshrink, that really deliver! 

Power Triple Lock (PTL) Connectors – providing 3-in-1 reliability

TE Connectivity have been designing connectors for board-to-wire applications for decades. From the very popular MATE-N-LOK family to the Economy Power series, the choice for the PCB designer is huge. However, one of the rising stars of the range is the Power Triple Lock. We have looked at the PTL before, and with good reason. This relatively new product is actually a versatile connector system that is designed to take everyday applications in its stride. The PTL delivers excellent current capability of up to 20A per circuit combined with a contact pitch of only 6mm. It features three locking systems to ensure reliable operation in everyday use, and a number of polarisation options to prevent incorrect mating.
The Power Triple Lock range is available from RS Components.

TE Connectivity Power Triple Lock Series 6mm Pitch 6 Way 2 Row Female Straight Crimp Connector Housing 

RS Stock No: 782-4355
Brand: TE Connectivity
Mfr. Part. No.: 1-1971775-3

Power Triple Lock Cap Housings Key A Panel Mount
• A range of Panel Mount Power Triple Lock Cap Housings with Key A for Standard Temperature applications.
• For Power Triple Lock Contacts see stock number 782-4377 typical.
• For mating Free Hanging Power Triple Lock Plug Housings see stock number 782-4317 typical.
• For optional Power Triple Lock Connector Position Assurance (CPA) Locking Plates see stock number 782-4409 typical

TE Connectivity Power Triple Lock Crimp Contact, Female, 14AWG to 14AWG, Tin Plating

RS Stock No: 782-4386
Brand: TE Connectivity
Mfr. Part. No.: 1971781-1

TE Connectivity Power Triple Lock Contacts
A range of tab and receptacle contacts for use in Power Triple Lock plug and receptacle connector housings.
The PTL (Power Triple Lock) plug housings accept receptacle contacts and the PTL receptacle housings accept tab contacts. These Power Triple Lock connector contacts are made from copper alloy with a pre-tin plating and are available in a range of wire sizes. Versions are also available with a high temperature rating of 150°C.

Circular Plastic Connectors (CPC) – rugged, versatile and affordable

For more demanding applications, the Circular Plastic Connector series offers the versatility of a circular connector with the cost- and weight-saving attributes of high impact plastic. The CPC is a established and popular connector series and has been solving engineers’ connectivity problems in a wide range of industries, from domestic equipment to industrial control systems. The CPC system offers the choice of different contact sizes, and even offers hybrid types that can handle power and signal in the same connector.
RS has a wide range of circular connectors from TE Connectivity including the CPC family.

TE Connectivity, 4 Pole Panel Mount Circular Connector Socket, Female Contacts, Quick Connect Mating

RS Stock No: 909-8097
Brand: TE Connectivity
Mfr. Part. No.: 1-1813099-1

TE Connectivity Plastic 2.5mm Circular Connectors
A series of DIN 72585 sealed circular connectors from TE Connectivity. These circular connectors offer some excellent mechanical properties including resistance to physical shock, vibration and high temperature. The circular connectors when used with the appropriate contacts and wire seals would be rated to IP67.Applications would include sensors, solenoid valves and power supplies. See part number 909-8116 (contact 17-13 AWG) and 395-7606 (wire seal) and 909-8110 (contact 20-17 AWG) and 395-7448 wire seal.

TE Connectivity T411 Series, 5 Pole Cable M12 Circular Connector Socket, IP67, IP68, 20 Shell Size, Female Contacts

RS Stock No: 124-7129
Brand: TE Connectivity
Mfr. Part. No.: T4110401051-000

From TE connectivity, this unshielded M12 connector has screw locking for a secure connection. The connector has a screw terminal and cable gland and is field serviceable. With PBT housing and gold plated contacts, this robust connector assures a reliable connection.
Applications: M12 connectors are Euro-style sensor connectors that are ideal for connection in industrial and factory automation. These M12 connectors have B-coded polarization and are used primarily in fieldbus applications, such as interbus and profibus systems.

Heavy Duty Connectors (HDC) – for use in harsh environments

For demanding applications in tough environments, the Heavy Duty Connector (HDC)family is the big hitter of the TE Connectivity range. The HDC Designed to the DIN standards for housings and connector interfaces, the HDC family offers current ratings of up to 200A. The housings can be made from die-cast aluminium or hard-wearing thermoplastics to suit different requirements, and can be sealed up to IP69K for the most demanding situations. Over the years, the HDC family has proved itself time again in a huge list of industries, from military and transportation to power generation and robotics.
The HDC family is available to buy from RS Components.

HE Series Connector Insert, Male, 16 Way, 16A, 400V

RS Stock No: 300-3670
Brand: TE Connectivity
Mfr. Part. No.: 1-1103638-1

Male and female inserts will fit either cable hood housings or base housings.Each insert has a separate earth contact.,If 32 way connectors are required both the 1-16 pole (16 way) and 17-32 pole inserts should be purchased. These inserts will fit alongside each other in size 10 HE housing.
Approvals: UL listed, CSA certified, SEV

Heatshrink products – protection for the toughest applications 

TE Connectivity don’t just make connectors. Included in the TE range is the Raychem range of heatshrink tubing and moulded parts. Heatshrink is made using cross-linked polymers (thermoplastics). The material is moulded and then expanded whilst hot. The cross-linking process means that, once heated again (as with a heatshrink gun) the plastic will “remember” its original shape and shink. Take a look at our video to see Raychem heashrink products in action.
Heatshrink products can be made of a range of thermoplastic materials, all with different characteristics. Some are particularly good at resisting abrasion, whilst others are good for protecting against chemicals. For our purposes, some offer really good electrical insulation, making them ideal for the power engineer.
TE Heatshrink products are avaiable from RS Components in a huge range of colours, sizes and materials.

Power Relays – from trusted brand names

The TE Connectivity family includes a wide range of relays and contactors from some of the most trusted brand names in the industry, including Potter & Brumfield, AMP and Kilovac.
The range includes PCB-mounted power relays and some of the largest contactors, including the massive Kilovac range with contact current ratings of up to 500A.
RS Components offers a range of power relays and contactors.

3100 2 Pole Contactor, 30 A, 208 → 240 Vac Coil

RS Stock No: 782-3033
Brand: TE Connectivity
Mfr. Part. No.: 3100-20U6999

3100 Series – Model 96
• Definite purpose contactor with AC coil and convenient mounting plate
• 1 and 2 pole contactors
• Shunt available on 1 pole models
• Operating Temperature -40°C to +65°C

Power Line Filters – protecting vital equipment

Switching large currents can cause unwanted electromagnetic interference (EMI). Power line filters can protect vital and sensitive equipment, and RS Components has a broad range of filters from the TE Connectivity range, including from trusted brand names including Corcom.
With current ratings of up to 230A, RS has the filter for you.

TE Connectivity AYO Series 6A 250 V ac 50 Hz, 60 Hz Flange Mount RFI Filter, with Spade Terminals 3 Phase

RS Stock No: 881-3810
Brand: TE Connectivity
Mfr. Part. No.: 6AYO1

Corcom AYO Series Compact Low Current 3-phase WYE RFI Filters
Corcom filters are recognized worldwide for providing EMI/RFI filtering solutions. TE offers over 70 Corcom filter series that are suitable for a wide range of applications across multiple industries. All Corcom filters have been designed and tested for susceptibility and/or emissions applications and have received approval from major safety agencies throughout the world including UL, CSA and VDE.
AYO Series 3-phase filters offer a space saving design with easy to connect terminals and low leakage current. Designed for 3-phase, four wire, WYE applications, these RFI filters are suitable for use in gaming machines, vending machines, food service equipment and small machine tools.

• Good for attenuation beginning at 100kHz
• Filters each of the three lines plus neutral
• Single stage
• Screw mounting (flange or panel)
• Spade terminals

TE Connectivity – the largest connector manufacturer in the world

Hopefully, you will have seen a power product here that will help you solve your next design dilemma. RS Components holds thousands of these and other TE Connectivity products in stock for rapid delivery. Click the link http://uk.rs-online.com/web/b/te-connectivity/ to see the complete TE Connectivity range.

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