TE Connectivity Intercontec connectors provide customized solutions across multiple motor platforms

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TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, now supplies Intercontec connectors to easily connect power, signal and data in any combination. The connectors consist of only a few single parts based on a modular architecture which makes them highly compatible and usable in many different combinations.

“The plug and play concept of Intercontec connectors enables quick and simple installation, as well as easy replacement of defective parts, even for non-electricians,” says Intercontec General Manager Peter van Loo. “With the addition of the Intercontec product portfolio, we can now provide our customers with complete, innovative motor connectivity solutions.”

Highlights of the range include small form factor itec and ytec connector series, designed with the trend of miniaturization in motors in mind. They offer solutions with low mounting heights that can easily be mated by a simple push and unmated with an eighth-turn. The htec connector includes power, signal and data in a highly compact package. Additionally, rotatable receptacles on the motors allow for a more convenient and flexible cable connection.

The speedtec locking system, available for power, signal and hybrid connectors, enables three times faster installation than traditional mating systems. A self-guiding mating and haptic design allows blind mating in environments where there is no direct visibility or limited space. The system is backwards compatible to standard screw locking versions.

With all Intercontec connectors, assembly is possible without any tools and particularly easy, due to innovative concepts like the crown clamp that allows the shielding mesh to remain uncut. With their innovative 1/8 quick locking system, Intercontec connectors drastically reduce installation times and the risk of failures during installation on site. High vibration resistance and robust design provide for reliable performance, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. In addition to this, Intercontec connector housings are rotatable in a ±115 degree angle, allowing for very easy access for the cables. In decentralized installation environments, cable lengths and costs can be cut by daisy-chaining servo drives.

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