Syfer’s new ProtectiCap MLCCs for high voltage applicationsnow available from TTI

by donpedro

TTI, Inc., the global distributor of Passive, Interconnect, Relay & Switch and Discrete components, now stocks Syfer’s ProtectiCap MLCCs. These high voltage, surface mount, multi layer ceramic capacitors have been designed specifically to reduce the occurrence of surface arcing in high voltage applications. An integral coating minimizes the risk of flashover without any requirement for the customer to apply conformal coating of the PCB after soldering. The new capacitors are ideal for use in power supplies, lighting ballasts, inverters, voltage multipliers and many other high voltage applications.
The coating Syfer uses to reduce the risk of flashover is based on a unique set of processes. A low permittivity glass coating is applied to an already optimised high voltage MLCC design. The sealed, smooth finish and low dielectric constant allows for higher voltages and capacitance values in smaller case sizes. A prime example of this is the 1206P3K00102KXT device, which would previously only have been available in an 1808 case size. Syfer’s ProtectiCap MLCCs are available in 1206 to 2220 case sizes in voltages from 2kV to 5kV.

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