TE Circuit Protection’s MHP Technology Now Offers Smart Activation Feature

by donpedro

TE Circuit Protection, a business unit of TE Connectivity, today announced a new Metal Hybrid PPTC (MHP) device offering Smart Activation (SA) functionality. The MHP-SA device provides a resettable, cost-effective and space-saving alternative to typical methods of protecting high-power lithium battery and module applications. These include cordless power tools, e-scooters and light electric vehicles (LEVs) and standby power and energy storage systems (ESSs).
The new MHP-SA device helps provide overcharge protection in large multi-cell battery packs and modules in which circuit protection devices interface with electronics as part of a sophisticated battery management system. The MHP-SA device’s Smart Activation design feature accomplishes this via a third terminal signal line that enables external activation.
In a typical scenario, an IC monitors the battery system’s temperature, current and voltage and, if an abnormality is detected, it switches on a FET and activates the heater element (PPTC) of the MHP-SA device to heat the bimetal. The bimetal contacts then open and cut contact to the main line. The first in a series of planned devices, the new MHP-SA50-400-M5 device has a 50A/400VDC maximum rating and its hold current is 50A on the main line. The device can be activated electronically with as little as 3A via the signal line.

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