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The 116-page Electromechanical Components 2021 catalog is now available—presenting Würth Elektronik’s broad portfolio and numerous product innovations in the field of high-quality connection and switching technology. Interesting new products include an extremely compact high-frequency coaxial connector and an SMT-mountable cable holder made of tin-coated phosphor bronze. The program of LED connectors (WR-LECO) and terminal blocks for tool-free cable assembly (WR-TBL) has been extended. Besides product information, the catalog also contains further texts that impart plenty of background knowledge and present practical application examples.

The new product WR-UMRF (Ultra-Miniature RF Coaxial Connector) is a right-angled cable-to-board connector just 2.5 mm high. This connection technology is of particular interest for connecting antennas to radio modules. The “WA-SMCH Surface Mount Cable Holder” is a space-saving and very stable (with a holding force of up to 370 N) replacement for eyelets glued to PCBs for locating cable ties.

Ingenious details

Würth Elektronik introduces a space-saving version of its Flat Flexible Cables (WR-FFC) with concertina-shaped folds—an ingenious detail that makes the cables more flexible over various distances.

Spacers between circuit boards have traditionally been components that have to be mounted by hand—this makes the SMT mountable spacers from Würth Elektronik extremely popular. This product group too has been significantly expanded in time for publication of the new Electromechanical Components catalog. The additional REDCUBE terminals are also soldered over a large area in automated surface assembly which makes them mechanically robust. Another chapter of the catalog is dedicated to switches and push buttons.

The Würth Elektronik eiSos Electromechanical Components 2021 catalog is available in English and can be found at https://www.we-online.de/eicancatalog ready for download. It can be ordered in print under https://www.we-online.com/catalogorder

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