Silicon Labs Introduces the Industry’s First Single-Die MEMS Oscillator

by donpedro

Silicon Labs introduced the industry’s most highly integrated MEMS-based oscillators designed to replace general-purpose crystal oscillators (XOs) in cost-sensitive, low-power and high-volume industrial, embedded and consumer electronics applications such as digital cameras, storage and memory, ATM machines, point-of-sale equipment and multi-function printers. The new Si50x oscillators are based on Silicon Labs’ patented CMEMS® technology – the first to enable MEMS structures to be built directly on top of standard CMOS wafers in high-volume fabs, resulting in fully integrated, highly reliable monolithic “CMOS+MEMS” IC solutions. The Si50x CMEMS oscillators support any frequency between 32kHz and 100MHz. Frequency stability options include ±20, ±30 and ±50 ppm across extended commercial (-20 to 70°C) and industrial (-40 to 85°C) operating temperature ranges. The CMEMS oscillators also offer extensive field- and factory-programmable features including low-power and low-period jitter modes, programmable rise/fall times and polarity-configurable output-enable functionality. Like all Silicon Labs oscillator products, the Si50x oscillators are available for web-based customization with short two week sample lead times or optionally available with “0-day” lead time via instantaneous field programming at the customer’s site by Silicon Labs’ sales channel partners. In addition, the Si50x oscillators are pin- and footprint-compatible with existing quartz or MEMS oscillators, enabling a quick, easy drop-in replacement solution.

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