Sensirion inside: Monitoring workplace air quality with Dustlight

Introducing Dustlight – a mobile fine dust measuring device designed to safeguard workers from dust exposure in industrial and craft workplaces. The first-of-its-kind device, Dustlight, is equipped with Sensirion’s SEN5x sensor series, setting new standards in air quality monitoring.

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Due to the need to address the health risks associated with dust exposure, the idea for the Dustlight emerged. Its tri-color traffic light display and high-resolution screen provide real-time dust concentration levels, alerting workers to take appropriate protective measures. Robust and impact-resistant, Dustlight is perfectly suited for harsh working conditions. Its single-button operation and language-neutral display make it incredibly user-friendly, ensuring that air quality is always within safe limits.

Dustlight is not just a device, it’s a commitment to ensure worker health and safety. With its specialized calibrations and intuitive app configurations, Dustlight can measure and clearly visualize dust concentrations, adhering to EU standards for PM10 and PM2.5, as well as workplace limits for inhalable and respirable dust in Germany. Whether for preventive measures or technical analysis, Dustlight provides a comprehensive solution for dust monitoring.

The SEN5x sensor series is the heart of Dustlight, ensuring accuracy and reliability with the patented Sheath-Flow Technology for superior lifetime of 10 years. Its internal protection mechanisms, such as the sheath flow  and self-cleaning function, complement Dustlight’s patented pre-filtration systems. During extensive testing, the SEN5x demonstrated superior durability and consistent measurements, essential for maintaining high-quality standards in air quality monitoring.

Thanks to its modular approach, the SEN5x platform offers flexibility and customisation options. With just one integration, customers can serve different product levels, simplify the manufacturing process and development  and implement customised solutions for specific needs. Whether fine dust measurements or various air quality parameters such as temperature, humidity, volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides are required – the SEN5x covers it all.

Moreover, the following best in class specifications 0-100ug/m^3: +-(5ug+5%) instead of +-10ug/m^3 are met and therefore the SEN5x is compliant with RESET® and WELL Building Standard™.

Additionally, the SEN5x platform eliminates the difficulties commonly encountered in sensor integration and development as it includes all the necessary algorithms. This allows customers to focus on core competencies and develop user-friendly applications without having to worry about costly and time-consuming optimisations, reducing total cost of ownership and time to market.

For Dustlight the integration of Sensirion’s cutting-edge sensors through Glyn’s broad distribution network marks an important step. It embodies Dustlight’s dedication to delivering products that are not only of superior quality but also embody reliability and precision. Furthermore, the close collaboration between Dustlight, Glyn, and Sensirion provides optimal support through know-how, efficient processes and resource allocation.

“The partnership with Glyn and the use of Sensirion sensors enable us to offer our customers high-quality and reliable products. Together we are setting standards in air quality monitoring and guarantee the highest standards and efficiency.” says Till Neumeier, Co-Founder & CEO Dustlight.


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