Sensirion Inside: LAIR ONE – for continously healthy indoor air

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Good indoor air quality is more important than ever. For example, it is known that indoor CO2 concentration is a good indicator for classifying the risk of bacterial and viral infections such as COVID-19. An air quality monitor enables specific countermeasures, such as ventilation, to be taken to reduce this risk.

VOCs, short for “volatile organic compounds”, present another health hazard. VOCs can be found in dyes, cleaning agents, fragrance sprays and other products. In high concentrations, they trigger health complaints that can cause serious long-term consequences. Even in the winter months, efficient ventilation can reduce the risk posed by such VOCs significantly, without having to lower the room temperature too much. But for this, a smart device is needed to assist the user.

LAIR ONE is the perfect assistant for the job: an air sensor that not only monitors CO2 but also the VOC concentration in enclosed areas, as well as the temperature and humidity. LAIR ONE thus covers the four most important factors for air quality and lets the user know when fresh air is needed thanks to its discreet yet clearly visible ambient status light. With its small size, modern design and high-quality manufacturing, it not only fits in any living room or office, but also works perfectly in restaurants or schools. No matter the location, LAIR ONE allows the user to take control of indoor air quality and ensure a safe and productive environment. The LAIR app provides an overview of all measured values in real time on smartphones and tablets. The LAIR air quality monitor is additionally designed to enable automated ventilation control and seamless integration with smart home systems.

“Thanks to Sensirion’s high-quality and extremely accurate environmental sensors, the LAIR ONE provides reliable air quality measurements combined with a refined user experience,” says Hamedo Ayadi, CEO at LAIR GmbH’s software provider Intelligent Data Analytics GmbH & Co. KG. “Thanks to its connection with the Sentinel Portal, the largest database for healthy living, renovation and construction, LAIR ONE also recommends tips and courses of action for improving indoor air.”

The built-in environmental sensors in LAIR ONE are Sensirion’s SHT31 temperature and humidity sensor, the SGP30 VOC sensor and the SCD30 CO2 sensor. The small form factor of all sensors allows easy integration into the application. Sensirion’s sensors impress with maximum accuracy and reliability – features that are crucial for a first-class product like LAIR ONE.

“Being able to count LAIR GmbH among our customers fills us with pride. LAIR ONE is an ideal application for our environmental sensors. Sensirion and LAIR are united by the will to enable innovative and smart applications that increase the comfort and safety of end users,” says Pascal Gerner, Director of Product Management at Sensirion.

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