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Sensirion, the Swiss expert for environmental sensors, is pleased to announce that Cleveron AG has chosen Sensirion’s SCD30 CO2 sensor for its new CO2 monitoring device. CLEVER Sense enables effective and smart ventilation in closed rooms and impresses with its top measuring accuracy and reliability.

The trend of measuring CO2 concentrations indoors is rising steeply. More and more studies indicate that CO2 can serve as a good indicator for monitoring the air quality in closed rooms. Since CO2 in indoor spaces almost always originates from humans, conclusions can be drawn about the risk of infection with viral diseases such as COVID-19.

Especially in the cooler months of the year, it is important to keep the air quality high as people stay indoors longer than in summer. When it is cold outside, the windows are mostly closed. This means that the air quality in classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, restaurants and many other spaces quickly becomes poor. Proper ventilation is therefore becoming increasingly important. Many people are already calling it the new hand-washing of infection prevention. If you open the windows for a certain period of time at the right moment, you significantly reduce the risk of infection without the room cooling down excessively and too much heat being lost from the heating system. But how do you know when to ventilate and for how long?

This is where CLEVERON and Sensirion come into play. With CLEVER Sense, Cleveron AG offers a smart solution for monitoring the CO2 concentration indoors. It is a CO2 monitoring device with a simple design that can be placed anywhere in the room. With the three levels Red, Yellow and Green, the device, based on a traffic light, shows the air quality in the room at any given time. Operation is user friendly via a web app or the integrated button.

“Thanks to Sensirion’s built-in CO2 sensor, we can guarantee our customers the highest measurement accuracy and reliability,” says Pietro Gagliardi, Co-Founder and CEO of Cleveron AG. “Sensirion and CLEVERON are united by the pursuit of innovation. This idea flows into our products, which are sustainable and are intended to offer additional added value to our customers.”

The sensor used in CLEVER Sense is Sensirion’s SCD30 CO2 sensor. The sensor, based on the established CMOSens® technology, impresses with its top accuracy and reliability as well as a small form factor that allows easy integration into applications.

“CLEVERON is of course one of our customers, and CLEVER Sense is an ideal application for our SCD30 CO2 sensor,” says Hartmut Welte, Area Sales Manager at Sensirion. “We are convinced that CLEVER Sense is a great help for increasing concentration and energy efficiency through smart ventilation and reducing the risk of virus infection in indoor environments.”

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