SD746 combo sensor integrates functionality of six individual sensors in one compact package

by donpedro

Gleichmann Electronics now offers the SD746 combo sensor from SensorDynamics. Key features of the 6 ? 6 ? 1.2 mm3 inertial sensor are three measurement axes each for angular rate and acceleration as well as a wide measurement range of up to ±2048?/s for angular rate and ±8 g for acceleration.
The maximum offset error at room temperature is ±5?/s for the gyroscope signal and ±0.1g for the accelerometer signal. Sensitivity error at room temperature is ±2% for the gyroscope and acceleration signal, respectively. Additional features of the SD746 include a special power-off mode in which no power is consumed, but the SPI interface remains high-impedance and a continuously running self-test.
The micromechanical combo sensor is provided in a compact QFN40 package and is designed for an operating voltage of 2.55V to 3.6V and an operating temperature range of -40?C to +85?C. The typical power consumption is 6.5mA.
Given its low power consumption and small-scale package, the SD746 combo sensor is suitable for use both in battery-powered consumer applications and sophisticated industrial instrumentation & control applications.
Samples and evaluation boards are available now.

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