Renesas Electronics Reveals RX24T Group of 32-Bit MCUs Targeted to Motor Control for Improved Energy Efficiency in Industrial Equipment, Office Equipment, and Household Appliances

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REN0631_RX24TRenesas Electronics, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, expanded its robust lineup of 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) with the RX24T Group. Using the RXv2 CPU core, the new MCUs deliver double the performance from the RX23T, 30 percent reduced development time, and features additional instructions designed to accelerate performance and energy efficiency in industrial equipment, office equipment, and household appliances.

The new product lineup comprises a total of six new devices with pin counts from 80- to 100-pin and on-chip flash memory capacities from 128 kilobytes (KB) to 256 KB. The RX24T Group enables simultaneous inverter control of multiple motors with a single chip and are ideally suited for permanent magnet AC (PMAC) motor (Note 1) control in a variety of applications.

The RX24T Group offers up to 160 DMIPs, including dedicated analog functions to optimize the inverters Bill of Material (BoM) and furthermore increases the arithmetic operation and expands the motor-control peripheral functions of the cost-optimized RX23T.

In addition, Renesas plans to deliver a 24 V motor control evaluation kit (Note 2), that can support both the single-motor control RX23T and the multi-motor control RX24T.

Recently many countries have imposed legal requirements mandating improved motor efficiency (Note 3), in addition to regulations intended to reduce energy consumption. This has increased demand for highly efficient inverter control.

However, this has also created numerous concerns for system manufacturers who want to quickly release products for this new market but who lack the necessary development workforce and motor control expertise. In addition, many types of equipment are becoming more compact, reducing the amount of space available for printed circuit boards. Finding ways to reduce the number of components in order to integrate multiple boards and reduce their number has therefore become a major issue.

In response to this demand for better energy efficiency, higher-precision control, reduced board size, and shorter development time, Renesas has developed the RX24T Group, a high-speed, high-functionality 32-bit Group of MCUs that enables control of multiple motors with a single chip.

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