Renesas Electronics’ New Microcontroller Solution Brings Unprecedented Levels of Integration and Reduced Power Consumption during Standby Mode by Approx. 30% for Home and Industrial Sensing Systems

by donpedro

Renesas Electronics announced the availability of the RL78/I1D Group of microcontrollers (MCUs). The RL78/I1D Group realizes the industry’s lowest

power consumption and integrates a wealth of analog functions usable in various sensing applications. More specifically, the RL78/I1D functions are optimized for detectors that sense minute variations in the output of sensors used to monitor for smoke, gas, and motion or vibrations.
The ability to use functions such as the data transfer controller (DTC), event link controller (ELC), and data operation circuit (DOC) to perform data processing and transfer, and implement long-interval timers, all without the need for CPU intervention, helps to further reduce power consumption during intermittent system operation by approximately 30 percent. In the low-power operation mode, the RL78/I1D Group has an operating current level much lower than that of competing products, and it wakes up from the stop-mode state very quickly. The MCU alone can make a substantial contribution to the overall power efficiency of the system.
To help reduce system cost and allow for greater compactness, the new RL78/I1D Group integrates general-purpose differential input operational amplifiers, a 12-bit A/D converter, and a comparator. This brings together on a single chip all the analog peripheral functions required to interface with sensors.

Key Features of the RL78/I1D Group of MCUs:

• Innovative snooze mode functions enabling data processing and transfer without CPU intervention
• Dynamic switching of the operation mode to match the system status
• On-chip analog peripheral functions necessary for detecting minute sensor signals

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