Renesas Electronics Europe Announces PROFINET Solution Kit

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Renesas Electronics Europe announced the availability of its “Connect it! – TPS-1 Solution Kit”, a complete evaluation tool for the TPS-1PROFINET isochronous real time

(IRT) device chip. The new kit includes all the hardware, software and demonstration programs customers need to start their own developments on a PROFINET network.
Renesas’ new “Connect it! – TPS-1 Solution Kit” facilitates integration for customers developing solutions for Europe’s dominant industrial Ethernet market and helps them get their products to market faster.
The comprehensive Solution Kit comes with the following components:
• TPS-1 Solution Kit board
• IRT-capable PROFINET IRT device stack for TPS-1
• PROFINET Controller software for PC
• PROFINET Configurator as engineering tool
• TPS-1 Firmware Updater for firmware updates in the field
• TPS-1 Configurator
This allows customers to develop a PROFINET reference solution quickly, as the kit includes not only the hardware and the royalty-free PROFINET IRT stack, but also all the required software tools and drivers to manage the PROFINET gateway solution in all development and production stages. This extensive set of components, combined with Renesas’ outstanding customer support, make the TPS-1 solution the best-in-class choice for any PROFINET device.
Renesas developed its TPS-1 solution in cooperation with Siemens AG and Phoenix Contact. The TPS-1 PROFINET IRT device is continuously enhanced with new features by the Phoenix Contact group, ensuring a high quality stack implementation with a feature set that is always up-to-date. In combination with the unique low power consumption, easy integration options, small board space requirements and robust silicon implementation, it ensures best-in-class performance and future-proof extensibility.

Renesas Electronics Europe

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