Rectifier for highest current densities

by donpedro

The innovative semiconductor manufacturer MaxPower Semiconductor Inc. has expanded its product portfolio with a series of MOS-based rectifiers with very high current density. They are particularly suitable for use in high frequency switching power supplies such as DC/DC converters, adapters, polarity protection circuits or lighting.

The members of this family of Double Shielded Trench MOS Rectifiers™ (DSTMOS™) are available with breakdown voltages from 20 V to 200 V. First, a variant with U (RRM) = 45 V is offered. At 15 A, its forward drop voltage is at very low 0.36 V. Below its breakdown voltage, the leakage current of these rectifiers is less than 10 mA. Stable over a wide temperature range from 25° C to 175° C.

MaxPower offers its DSTMOS™ products in a wide range of different packages, including the surface mount TO-277A and TO-220AB.


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