Pulsiv to deliver groundbreaking USB-C reference designs & finished modules with more than 95% average efficiency

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Pulsiv Limited, the Cambridge (UK) innovator of power electronics technology, is set to release a series of reference designs and assembled modules for USB-C applications that will deliver an average efficiency of more than 95%. This groundbreaking achievement, which minimises energy waste under all operating conditions, has been developed in collaboration with GaN leader, Innoscience and magnetics expert, Frenetic. Designs will be released throughout 2024 to support a new class of sustainable USB-C chargers, adapters, and in-wall sockets. The first 65W solution is expected to be announced towards the end of March 2024.

The front-end of the design utilises Pulsiv OSMIUM technology to efficiently manage the AC to DC conversion process with zero inrush current and no input voltage derating. Using an intelligent active valley fill approach, this patented method also enables the use of smaller system components compared to conventional designs. The DC-DC converter in the 65W variant is based on an industry standard QR flyback. However, when combining a Pulsiv OSMIUM front-end design with optimised magnetics from Frenetic, it is now possible to use an EQ20 core, which provides a 20% reduction in the flyback transformer size.

Frenetic CEO, Chema Molina comments: “By leveraging Pulsiv’s innovative OSMIUM technology, we’ve been able to highly optimise the magnetics to reduce size and drive the efficiency of the flyback transformer to a level we’ve not seen before. This significant development will enable customers to achieve new levels of performance, size, and cost, and we’re excited to be part of such an innovative solution.”

The use of GaN components from Innoscience has helped to further minimise losses by lowering the RDS(on) and reducing parasitic capacitance, while also optimising the overall BoM cost. General Manager for Innoscience EMEA, Denis Marcon adds: “We’ve successfully demonstrated that GaN technology is perfectly suited to improving the performance of power electronics designs. Pulsiv OSMIUM technology adds further benefits by significantly improving the overall average efficiency and reducing energy waste. I’m delighted that Pulsiv has selected Innoscience GaN e-mode devices (InnoGaN) for their 65W reference design.

Pulsiv Chief Product Officer, Dr Tim Moore has been managing the roadmap of USB-C solutions and comments:We are very excited to be bringing this game-changing technology to the market and deliver our mantra of ‘doing more while using less’. By achieving more than 95% average efficiency, it enables us to provide efficient in-wall USB-C solutions that safely manage the critical thermal requirements. This enhances reliability, minimises overall size, and optimises cost to set a world-leading precedent in USB-C power supplies.

Pulsiv continues to demonstrate innovation by delivering cost effective, energy efficient, and sustainable power electronics designs that benefit billions of devices. To accelerate and simplify the design process, three options will be offered:

Reference designs

Complete reference designs will be made available on the Pulsiv website where engineers can download a document package that includes a datasheet, schematic, bill of materials, and EMC test data.

Finished modules

Fully assembled, ultra-compact, and EMC-compliant finished modules will be produced by Pulsiv to demonstrate a size-optimised design and enable rapid prototyping of each reference design. They can also be easily integrated into end products without incurring any further design, development, or manufacturing costs.

Evaluation boards

Evaluation boards will be developed for customers who wish to test and/or adapt the design for their own requirements and will be stocked by a number of distribution partners. A datasheet with schematic, bill of materials, EMC test data, Gerbers, and PCB layout files will also be available.


Ref number Input voltage Output voltage Output power Applications
PSV-RDAD-65USB-1 100 – 264VAC 5V – 20V DC 65W Chargers, adapters, & in-wall sockets
PSV-RDAD-65USB-2 85 – 115VAC 5V – 20V DC 65W Chargers, adapters, & in-wall sockets (US & Japan market)
PSV-RDAD-70USB 100 – 240VAC 5V – 20.6V DC 70W Chargers, adapters, & in-wall sockets (supports Apple MacBooks)
PSV-RDAD-140USB TBC 5V – 28V DC 140W Chargers, adapters, & in-wall sockets
PSV-RDAD-240USB TBC 5V – 48V DC 240W Chargers, adapters, in-wall sockets, & high-end laptop power supplies

*Tentative specification which may be subject to change.

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