PLS’ Universal Debug Engine 4.2 enables real multicore debugging even with deeply embedded systems

by donpedro

PLS Programmierbare Logik & Systeme is exhibiting the Universal Debug Engine (UDE) 4.2 at its Booth 4 310 in Hall 4 at embedded world 2014, February 25 27, 2014 in Nuremberg, Germany. The UDE 4.2 features greatly enhanced control and test methods for multicore targets, optimized visualization options during system level testing as well as the dedicated support for a wide range of the very latest 32-bit multicore SoCs from various manufacturers. Control of a multicore system and debugging is carried out with the UDE 4.2 in a consistently designed user interface. Various colors determinable by the user and user-definable groups of views for individual function units ensure a fast overview and simple navigation, also in complex SoCs. Individual cores can be specifically selected and also synchronized for control by the debugger. This also includes the extensive use of existing on-chip trigger and synchronization options of various device manufacturers. With the UDE 4.2, the consistent user interface ensures the greatest possible flexibility when controlling a multicore target, without the need to know the underlying on-chip logic in detail.
The trace framework of the Universal Debug Engine 4.2 has also been equipped with numerous new features. For example, relocation of the data processing in a separate process not only increases the speed of the evaluation, but also allows persistent storage of trace sessions for analysis at a later time without direct access to the target. Furthermore, comprehensive filters and the possibility to individually color recorded events of various trace sources simplify a clear presentation of the results.


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