MSC Technologies presents Qseven 2.0 Baseboard

by donpedro

MSC Technologies presents its embedded platform MSC Q7-MB-EP6 which is MSC Technologies’s first baseboard designed for the new Rev. 2.0 of the popular Qseven™ standard for computer-on-modules (COMs). The versatile carrier board can be used for the development of embedded systems, but is also well suited as Qseven™ application board for small and medium production volume. With its compact size and universal interface set it saves system designers the time and effort to develop their own baseboard to provide the infrastructure for the compact Qseven™ module.
The platform board MSC Q7-MB-EP6 implements the new features of the Qseven™ specification Rev. 2.0 and hence provides signals such as USB 3.0, HDMI, DisplayPort, serial RS-232/RS-485 Ports and I2S Audio. The new baseboard is available for the commercial and extended temperature range and therefore usable for a wide range of applications. The Qseven™ carrier board MSC Q7-MB-EP6 can be used as test board for Qseven™ 2.0 modules and provides a wide selection of important interfaces for embedded applications such as dual Gbit Ethernet, four USB 2.0 ports (one as host/client), one USB 3.0 connector, two serial interfaces (one selectable as RS-232 or as RS-485), SATA, I2C, SMBus and I2S Audio. The CAN bus is available on a pin header, another header offers LPC bus or GPIO signals, depending on the Qseven™ module used.

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