Philip Harting re-elected as Chairman of ZVEI’s “Electronic Components and Systems” trade association

by donpedro

Philip Harting, CEO of the HARTING Technology Group, was re-elected at the virtual general meeting of ZVEI’s “Electronic Components and Systems” (ECS) trade association. Philip Harting had already served as chairman of the trade association for three years, and will now be on board for another three-year tenure.

“With our components, we represent the “T” in the Internet of Things, and are thereby positioned right at the outset of the supply chain. The component industry makes a significant contribution to the networking and intelligence of products and influences all sectors of the electrical industry such as Industry 4.0, the energy transition and smart grid, smart home, medical technology or electric mobility,” said Philip Harting in his assessment of the current situation following his re-election.

Harting has been an elected member of ZVEI’s board of directors since 2014. The “Electronic Components and Systems” trade association represents one of the most important and highest-turnover sectors within the electrical industry. With its segments of semiconductors, passive and electromechanical components and microsystem technology – sensors/actuators, the industry generated sales of some EUR 17 billion in 2020.

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