Omron long life anti-tamper switch for Smart Meters, safety and security systems

by donpedro

Omron Electronic Components Europe has launched a new sub miniature switch for tamper detection in Smart Meters, security systems, safety equipment and other systems.
The new Omron D2FS ultra sub miniature switch has been specifically engineered to activate reliably even after exceptionally long periods of non-use, making it ideal for the detection of attempted sabotage. According to Omron, anti-tamper systems may not be actuated for ten or more years, but should still operate reliably if the system is attacked after this period. These mechanisms are essential to preserve the integrity of the system, preventing meter fraud, unauthorised override of safety systems and compromise of security systems.
Omron developed the D2FS as a switch solution specifically for this type of application, requiring very high reliability with a low switching frequency. In creating the D2FS, Omron’s switch designers used a highly innovative construction, with just a single-leaf movable spring to realize the component at a reasonable cost.


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