Norgren Herion NOR-84502 series pneumatically controlled valves

by donpedro

NOR-84502 series pneumatically controlled valves are designed for special applications in which solenoid valves would not be able to carry out their tasks. NOR-84502 are resistant devices which work perfectly with contaminated liquids and in the wide range of medium temperatures: from -10 to +180°C, at the ambient temperature from -10°C up to +60°C. They can be used in various environments with high humidity and in the explosion zones. Presented valves offer the possibility of changing the functions – they can operate like normal closed, normal open or two-sided valves. Basically, they are adjusted to the liquid flow and neutral gases in a specific direction, yet, as an option, they can also operate with reverse direction flow. Internal elements are made of stainless steel which guarantees long and failure-free operation of the valve. Valve switching takes place when the pressure in the control system reaches at least 3,5 bar (the maximum value is 10 bar). This series of valves can control liquid and gas flow with the maximum pressure of 16 bar and their flowability is 4,8 m3/h. NOR-84502 series valves are equipped with G metric thread connections and are additionally equipped with optic indicator of valve location.

More information available at: Transfer Multisort Elektronik, ul. Ustronna 41, 93-350 Łódź, tel.: 042 645 55 55, fax: 042 645 55 00, e-mail:,
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