New Version of Kontron VX6090 – a Dual Twelve Core Server Class 6U VPX Workhorse

by donpedro

Leveraging years of rugged computer design and thermal expertise, Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT/Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), has started delivering the most powerful version of its popular 6U VPX single board computer yet. Powered by two Intel® Xeon®-D processors with 12 cores each. This version of the popular 6U VPX SBC helps customers benefit from even more processing power on a single VPX blade, allowing more sophisticated signal processing inside the same mechanical envelope. An XMC slot can also be populated on demand to host a VITA 61-2011 XMC mezzanine card. Use cases such as encryption or storage can thus be addressed with application specific devices.

The VX6090 comes ready for evaluation thanks to a turn-key ‘live’ Linux distribution. The distribution also includes all the necessary source code to recompile the BSP to match other Linux-based environments. Featured in the distribution is Kontron’s CMON-Line Monitoring service, which delivers a continuous stream of computer health measurement data in XML format, to either display human-readable dashboards or directly use those data for higher level monitoring solutions.

“The CMON framework is easily extensible with a simple text editor and can run any software at a regular tunable cadence. CMON is a revolution in the way customers envisage their systems’ CBIT. The core of the innovation lies in the CMON data model, which has captured decades of expertise in the world of embedded computing’s real life issues. This is a must in complex systems with many computing engines, such as the one you can build with VX6090”, declares Vincent Chuffart, Product Manager for Blades at Kontron.

Furthermore, for systems with more stringent space constraints, since Q1 2019, Kontron has also been delivering Intel® Xeon® based VPX SBC in 3U format, the VX305C-40G and VX305H-40G. They have been developed in alignment with the SOSA(TM) technical standard and are the first to offer a 40GB data plane connectivity.

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