Murata ID Solutions helps fashion retailer Liu Jo optimise logistics and fight the grey market with RFID technology

by donpedro

Murata ID Solutions’ radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has helped Italian fashion brand Liu Jo strengthen protection against grey market while driving new efficiencies across its supply chain. The RFID technology is deployed at Liu Jo’s distribution centres to help enhance the traceability of products, reduce complexity from the logistics operation and minimise product transit time.

Antonio Rizzi, Vice President, Murata ID Solutions, said: “RFID in retail is best known for its benefits at store level, but it also brings significant advantages to manufacturing and distribution. On top of that, the value that can be gained from using it to fight the grey market can be huge. When leveraged to its full extent throughout the supply chain, it can prove to be a real game-changer, with an ROI of months or even weeks. We are very excited to collaborate with Liu Jo on this project.” 

The solution deployed at Liu Jo’s warehouses comprises Murata ID Solutions’ RFID Tunnel gates and RFID software suite id-Bridge 4.0, an advanced web-based platform which enables end-to-end management of RFID systems on any scale. The tunnels installed on the conveyor belts in the distribution centres provide automatic and fast identification and verification of all products in inbound and outbound processes. The integration with the id-Bridge software ensures that the tagged products are automatically compared to a list of expected tags as they move through the conveyor system. Only products that match the list are given the green light to proceed. Thanks to the fast and accurate automatic reading, the system allows Liu Jo to significantly speed up logistics processes and increase inventory accuracy.

Murata ID Solutions and Liu Jo worked together to select the most suitable RFID tags for the solution. Each tag has a unique serial identifier and is characterised by high-grade security features. This makes RFID a vital tool in the fight against fraud. Tagging every product with RFID will enable Liu Jo to track each product with the highest possible accuracy to guarantee authenticity.

Carlo Del Stabile, Chief Operating Officer at Liu Jo S.p.A commented: “We are implementing RFID for smarter and more streamlined operations in the distribution centre. Today’s global and omnichannel market demands continuous improvements of our supply chain. RFID will help us boost the efficiency of the logistics processes while also enabling us to better combat grey market and product counterfeiting, which both represent an increasing threat to our brand value and trust”.


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