Murata Demonstrates its Use of Advanced RFID Technology to Support Ongoing Integrity of Worldwide Tire Supply Chain

By leveraging its widely-respected RFID expertise, leading electronics manufacturer Murata is successfully contributing to the digitalization of supply chains of numerous products and assets.

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At the upcoming Tire Technology Expo (Booth 9036, Hannover, 21st – 23rd March), the company will be demonstrating how it’s now bringing this technology to the automobile sector – in terms of better traceability and more effective inventory management, as well as facilitating aftermarket maintenance (such as re-treading) and recycling activities.

Murata representatives are also participating in day-long RAIN RFID Masterclass courses being organised during the expo event. To register for one of these, simply go to:

The Murata tire-targeted RFID solution is built around compact RFID tags, RFID readers, and id-BridgeTM Middleware and Dashboard needed to collect the data and turn it into actionable insight.

The new generation RFID tire tags (with 1,8 mm × 40mm dimensions), co-developed with Michelin, are embedded directly into vehicle tires. These tags utilise the 865MHz – 920MHz UHF RAIN frequency band for data transmission. The proprietary antenna design employed enables extended reading distances.

The tire tag is based on a durable design, making them highly suited in challenging automotive environments – sustaining long-term operation despite exposure to extreme conditions. Being passive, they receive energy from the reader, meaning that an external power source is not required.

Each RFID Tire tag is encoded with a unique identification number that conforms to the SGTIN-96 tire industry standard. This connects the tire to the tire manufacturer, when and where the tire was produced, repair history details, etc. The RFID data, gained from the readings at the different stages of the tire’s journey, is managed with id-BridgeTM software that transforms the data and turns it into valuable information visible on a dashboard.

The Murata RFID tire tags support data transfer in line with requirements outlined by the Global Data Service Organization for Tires and Automotive Components (GDSO). The membership of this body includes prominent tire-producing brands – namely Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Michelin, and Pirelli. Consequently, the data associated with each tire ID (SGTIN-96) can be retrieved regardless of the original manufacturing source and collectively managed in a database.

To see the Murata RFID-based tire logistics solution, please visit Booth 9036 at this year’s Tire Technology Expo. For more information on Murata’s RFID Solutions for the Tire Industry visit:


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