Multifunction meter for electrical installations, Sonel MPI-525.

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Sonel MPI 520 is a mulitifunction meter for measuring parameters of electrical installations according to EN61557.

Sonel MPI-525 is another multifunction meter for electrical installations of Sonel S.A. The possibility of insulation resistance measurement with test voltage up to 2500V makes it outstanding among similar products on the market. It is a comprehensive device, which enables not only complex tests of electrical installations, but also measurements of power cables.

Other functions of this device are already known from Sonel MPI-520. These functions are: short circuit loop impedance measurement with 0,01Ω resolution (also in installations secured with RCD) in wide range of voltage (95..440V); complete tests of all types of RCD breakers (also B type) available in manual, automatic or single-trigger mode; earth resistance measurement with technical method without outside power source; insulation resistance measurement with test voltage from 50V with calculation of absorption ratio; continuity and phase sequence test.
The unique function of Sonel MPI-525 is automatic measurement of insulation resistance of wires, cables or other objects with the use of additional AutoISO-2500 adapter.
The meter has internal memory and possibility to transfer measurement records to PC via USB or wireless interface. As all products of Sonel S.A., MPI-525 is compatible with software for preparing protocols from measurements, Sonel PE4.
Sonel MPI-525 has a new generation, ergonomic casing (IP 54), resistant to mechanical stress, which enables comfortable carrying and using the device. Sonel MPI-525 has all necessary accessories in standard package (test leads, crocodile clips, etc.), carrying case, rechargeable battery, charger and calibration certificate. Charging of the battery can be done without removing the battery. Also charging from the car charger or use of regular batteries is possible.
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