ODU ROM Manufacturing, Sibiu

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Within the past 60 years, ODU has been continuously developed its departments of design, production and marketing, along with a strong sales network, in order to meet the increasing demand for top quality connectors world-wide. As a result of a fast increasing demand over the past decade, besides the main Production site in Muehldorf/Inn, Bavaria, in 2001, ODU Shanghai Manufacturing has been founded in Shanghai, China. 5 years later, ODU ROM Manufacturing is being founded, as ODU’s 3rd Production site, in Sibiu, Romania. ODU’s world-wide sales network has made our products well-known on both developed and emerging markets. ODU’s know-how within the Design and Engineering department could offer not only a wide range of connectors and cable assembly solutions, but also a turnkey solution with custom made connectors and PCB.

Cable assembly
Two of the options of connecting the strands to the contacts/terminals are soldering and crimping. The cable manufacturer carries out every single work-step required for the final product. Briefly, final product requires cutting, multiple wire preparation, soldering, potting (for water tightness), overmolding, testing and packaging. ODU ROM Manufacturing could offer turnkey connector assembly solutions entirely processed within our facility.

ODU ROM offers:
Cable assemblies with ODU MINI-SNAP connector
Cable assemblies with ODU MEDI – SNAP connector
Cable assemblies for medical industry and telecomunication

Everything from one source – the connector supplier

This is the optimal solution by custom specific developments.
Eng. Alina Cibu
E-mail: alina.cibu@odu-rom.ro
ODU ROM Manufacturing – Sibiu, Romania
Tel: 0748144488; Fax: 0269 221006
For general information visit: www.odu.de

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