Moxa New-gen x86 Industrial Computers Recognized by “Red Dot Award: Product Design 2024”

by gabi

Moxa Inc., a leader in industrial communications and networking, celebrated its new x86 industrial computers (IPCs) family—the BXP, DRP, and RKP Series reaching the pinnacle of design excellence with the Red Dot Winner 2024 recognition in the Industrial Design category. Designed to meet most industrial automation market needs, the rugged computers are equipped with exceptional reliability, adaptability, and longevity to address the increasing demands of data connectivity and real-time processing of large volumes of sensor and device data at the industrial edge.

The new x86 industrial computers emerged victorious at the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2024, thanks to its adaptable and user-oriented design with robust housing and remarkable I/O options for easy accessibility and edge connectivity to industrial applications. “With adaptability and user-oriented design, DRP, BXP, and RKP manage the complex requirements of industrial automation,” the prestigious Red Dot Award jury stated.

Industrial computers play essential roles at the industrial edge, facilitating effective communication between industrial networks and various components of automation systems. They can enable both easy configuration and flexible integration while ensuring stable data connectivity for operations, making life easier for asset owners and system integrators. Notably, the DRP-C100 and BXP-C100 Series excel in performance, resilience, and endurance, making them ideal for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). These systems require efficient data logging and robust data storage to manage thousands of data points generated every minute by monitoring systems, ensuring accurate data for maintenance and warranty claims.

“This award shows Moxa’s unwavering commitment to deliver products that fulfill application requirements while striking an optimal balance between reliability, flexibility, and ease of use,” said Jonas Chen, head of x86 IPC Business at Moxa. “We considered the overall capabilities and accessibility in terms of automation at the industrial edge to offer a comprehensive IPC portfolio, totaling 75 models, to meet the changing needs of the industrial automation field, including a rich set of interface combinations for easy accessibility and edge connectivity of industrial applications.”

Engineered to maximize capabilities for industrial edge connectivity, the BXP, DRP, and RKP Series are each backed by a robust 3-year hardware warranty and 10-year longevity commitment (for product released in 2023 and after). These products reaffirm Moxa’s dedication to delivering exceptional product quality and ensuring stable, long-term support for our customers’ evolving business needs. Furthermore, the simplified configure-to-order service (CTOS) enables customers to identify the best fit for their applications in just a few steps.

To learn more about Moxa’s latest x86 industrial computers, visit the microsite for the BXP Series, DRP Series, and the RKP Series.


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