Mouser Now Stocking Analog Devices’ ADPD4100 & ADPD4101 Multimodal Sensor Front Ends for Industrial Monitoring

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Mouser Electronics, Inc., the industry’s leading New Product Introduction (NPI) distributor with the widest selection of semiconductors and electronic components, is now stocking the ADPD4100 and ADPD4101 multimodal sensor front ends from Analog Devices, Inc. The sensor front ends feature eight input channels with multiple modes of operation, supporting a variety of sensor measurements for applications such as industrial monitoring, home patient monitoring, and wearable health and fitness monitors.

The Analog Devices ADPD4100 and ADPD4101 multimodal sensor front ends, available from Mouser Electronics, offer flexible input multiplexing, supporting both single-ended and differential sensor measurements. The high-performance devices eliminate the need for optical fillers and externally controlled DC cancellation circuitry by rejecting corruption and signal offsets from asynchronous modulated interference. The sensor front ends rely on a 1.8 V analog core and a 1.8 V- and 3.3 V-compatible digital input/output. Capable of driving up to four LED drivers simultaneously, the ADPD4100 and ADPD4101 sensor front ends are ideal for health applications including heart rate monitoring, blood pressure estimation, heart rate variability, and body composition.

The ADPD4100 and ADPD4101 devices are supported by the EVAL-ADPD4100Z-PPG evaluation board, available to order from Mouser. Featuring three separately driven green LEDs, one red LED, and one infrared LED, the board implements a simple optical design to evaluate vital signs monitoring applications. The EVAL-ADPD4100Z-PPG board uses the Wavetool evaluation software GUI, offering low-level register access and high-level system configurability. Engineers can also use the EVAL-ADPDUCZ processor board to wirelessly connect to a PC via USB or Bluetooth® technology for data logging and programing.

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