Mouser Electronics Unlocks Transformative Industrial Solutions Through Extensive Resource Hub

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Mouser Electronics, Inc., the authorized global distributor with the newest semiconductors and electronic components, offers an insightful Industrial resource center, providing a wealth of information about the cutting-edge technologies that are driving the modern industrial automation transformation. Mouser explores the advantages of predictive maintenance and machine learning on edge devices and digital twin simulations for engineering professionals, allowing them to increase efficiency and lower costs. By leveraging these technologies, designers can create more efficient and reliable automation systems for applications within IIoTrobotics, AR/VR, industrial networks and more.

Mouser’s extensive catalog of products, eBooks, articles and blogs makes it easy for engineers to discover the latest trends in industrial automation. Mouser evaluates the potential applications of these technologies, from warehouses and manufacturing facilities to automated processes, and provides innovative resources that enable users to take full advantage of these solutions.

Mouser stocks the industry’s widest selection of semiconductors and electronic components, including the following solutions for industrial automation applications:

  • Fido5100 and Fido5200 real-time ethernet multiprotocol (REM) switches from Analog Devices Inc. are designed as programmable IEEE 802.3 10Mbps/100Mbps Ethernet Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) and Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) switches that support virtually any Layer 2 or Layer 3 protocol. These REM switches can be ready for network data operation in less than 4 ms to support fast startup and quick connect type network functionality.
  • Cat6A industrial mini I/O connectors, by TE Connectivity, enable a fast and easy field installation solution for Ethernet connections in industrial applications, with automatic wire cutting for optimal transmission performance.
  • Opta® micro programmable logic controller (PLC), from Arduino, are secure Industrial IoT devices designed to make automation projects more manageable and more powerful with computing power for real-time control, monitoring, and predictive maintenance applications.
  • ESRP-PCS-ADAM6 intelligent I/O gateways, by Advantech, offer an efficient and reliable way of connecting edge devices to the cloud, with a powerful Linux OS, over 200 drivers, and real-time data transmission capabilities for optimization of factory management and energy monitoring.

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