More efficient use of PCB space – higher current carrying capacity: Automotive grade standard rectifiers of the SE series from Vishay at Rutronik

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Vishay Intertechnology’s SE20Nx, SE30Nx and SE40Nx automotive grade standard rectifiers for peak reverse voltages of 200 V,
400 V and 600 V, respectively, deliver high currents up to 4 A. They are currently the first in the industry to be incorporated into the DFN3820A series of power DFN packages with dimensions of less than 1 cm and wettable flanks. The space-saving design of the enclosures allows a more efficient use of the boards with excellent current-carrying capacity. The rectifiers are ideally suited for a wide range of applications in areas such as connectivity, industrial or consumer and are available at

 Vishay Intertechnology introduces three new types of standard surface mount rectifiers for automotive applications. The SE20Nx (2 A), SE30Nx (3 A) and SE40Nx (4 A) offer space-saving solutions with high efficiency and operate reliably at operating temperatures of -55 °C and +175 °C.

The DFN3820A package features extremely small dimensions and a particularly low profile, with a compact 3.8 mm x 2.0 mm and a height of just 0.88 mm.

Compared to components in the SMP package (DO-220AA) with the same footprint, the SE20Nx, SE30Nx and SE40Nx offer a 12 % lower profile while delivering twice the current-carrying capacity.

This superior thermal performance is due to the optimized copper mass design and advanced die placement technology of the components, enabling operation at higher current ratings. Optimum power line polarity protection and rail-to-rail protection is thus achievable in commercial, industrial and automotive applications.

Additional benefits:

  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • Typical reverse leakage current less than 0.1 μA
  • Low forward voltage drop of up to 0.86 V reduces power losses and improves efficiency
  • ESD capability in accordance with IEC 61000-4-2, air discharge mode
  • Ideal for automatic assembly
  • MSL-1, according to J-STD-020, LF peak of 260° C
  • RoHS compliant and halogen free

Application examples:

  • Connectivity: telecom mobile and fixed network infrastructure, telecom mobile devices
  • Consumers: consumer electronics, household appliances, health and care
  • Mobility: automotive, agricultural equipment, micro mobility
  • Industry: automation, home and building control, drives

 Product specifications overview: 

Part Number IF(AV) (A) VRRM (V) IFSM (A) VF at IF and TJ TJ Max. (°C)
Automotive Non-Automotive VF (V) IF (A) TJ (°C)
SE20NDHM3 SE20ND-M3 2 200 32 0,86 2 125 175
SE20NGHM3 SE20NG-M3 2 400 32 0,86 2 125 175
SE20NJHM3 SE20NJ-M3 2 600 32 0,86 2 125 175
SE30NDHM3 SE30ND-M3 3 200 40 0,86 3 125 175
SE30NGHM3 SE30NG-M3 3 400 40 0,86 3 125 175
SE30NJHM3 SE30NJ-M3 3 600 40 0,86 3 125 175
SE40NDHM3 SE40ND-M3 4 200 60 0,86 4 125 175
SE40NGHM3 SE40NG-M3 4 400 60 0,86 4 125 175
SE40NJHM3 SE40NJ-M3 4 600 60 0,86 4 125 175

For more information about about Vishay’s standard rectifier series SE20Nx, SE30Nx und SE40Nx and a direct ordering option, please visit our e-commerce platform at


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